Q: Why am I not finding the honey I want?

A: The honey that we get at The Honey Cottage can be in short supply and that is why we don't put it on the website. If there is something you want please call us at; 719-329-0525 we are happy to ship!!

Q: Why are the honeys different colors? 

A: All honeys will vary in color and taste depending on the season and the types of nectar that are available to the bees.

Q: What happens if I only buy one or two items; can I get shipping cheaper.

A: Before you place your order please call us: 719-329-0525 sometimes we can we can get the shipping cheaper depending on where it is going to.  

If there is something that you know we carry that you are not seeing please call us; 719-329-0525 we will bee happy to help!!